Take care of your patients and deliver great services with an online patient portal

Differentiate your clinic, deliver exceptional service, save time on appointment booking and coordination and run a healthy business with advanced clinic and patient engagement tools

Simple & Friendly

Sync, manage and share contacts, calendars and tasks with nurses, interns and other staff

Reliable & Secure

Sync, manage and share contacts, calendars and tasks with nurses, interns and other staff

Empowers Patients

Sync, manage and share contacts, calendars and tasks with nurses, interns and other staff

Be there for patients – before they visit and after they leave.

Florida Webs LiveSite is an online patient portal that helps you engage your patients and connect with them every step of the way. With LiveSite, your clinic will be available for patients via an online service portal where they can book an appointment, schedule a checkup, ask a question, share a document, pay an invoice and see their complete history with your practice online.

Stand out by offering the best service experience out there.

Your patients are the heart of your practice, and they expect hassle-free interaction with you as their healthcare provider. Don’t limit them to your business hours or admin availability – let patients take action online at their own convenience. You can minimize the wait time at your office and on the phone with a personalized service portal where patients can book an appointment , schedule a checkup, pay their bills and see their complete appointment, payment and communication history with you and your practice – on your website, on their phone and via email.
Florida Healthcare Website Design
Florida Healthcare Website Design

Streamline administrative tasks and increase productivity

Our Practice Management solution simplifies the back-and-forth of scheduling, coordination, reminders, billing and other administrative tasks – reducing the time your team spends on the phone and email by 40%. With a shared team calendar in sync with your personal one, you can coordinate schedules as well as assign patient follow-ups. Automating these day-to-day tasks will free you up for what matters most – taking care of your patients.

Promote your clinic online and see your patients return

Keeping patients engaged and satisfied with your practice and extending your reach to attract new patients beyond referrals is made easy with vCita LiveSite. You can remind patients it’s time to schedule a follow-up appointment or an annual checkup, send automated email and SMS notifications and showcase new services you offer. Use vCita on your website, email and social to make your online channels interactive and actionable and bring in more patients, more often.
Florida Healthcare Website Design

Up and running in no time, starts at $15/ month


24/7 online scheduling

Allow patients to set and reschedule appointments and procedures online – anytime and on any device

Let patients take action

Encourage patients to interact with your medical clinic online: schedule appointments, pay invoices and more

Get paid faster

Send invoices, collect payments online and track your income with a centralized dashboard

Automate reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated email confirmations, SMS reminders and push notifications

Minimize coordination

Reduce the back-and-forth communication, avoiding double booking or scheduling mix-ups

Manage your medical staff

Manage a shared patient base and calendar and let your admin schedule appointments and assign patients or follow-ups to staff

Drive more business

Prompt new and existing patients to take action from anywhere you promote your clinic – your website, email, ads and social

See your patients return

Keep patients informed and engaged through a friendly personalized service portal

Integrates in minutes with dozens of platforms

See your schedule fill up with appointments and your patients smiling!

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